Otoño Silva, MD is pleased to offer a wide range of diagnostic services and non-surgical procedures utilizing his experience as a Board Certified Physiatrist with specialty training and certification in non-surgical orthopedic interventions. Our friendly and compassionate staff is committed to providing patients with comprehensive diagnostic and regenerative services in Bellevue, WA and neighboring areas.

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Cellular Therapy

If you suffer from chronic pain in your joints or spine, or you’ve torn a ligament or tendon, advanced cellular medicine may be able to repair damaged joints and tissues while helping you to avoid pain pills, cortisone injections, and surgery.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

Your blood contains platelets that have powerful growth factors that can be isolated, concentrated, and used as medicine to accelerate the healing of spine and joint conditions, injured tendons, ligaments, and muscles.


You know that chronic stress can lead to disease and disability, but did you know that acute stress can sometimes help you heal?


Arthritis is a collection of more than 100 inflammatory and degenerative joint diseases that affect about 91 million women, men, and children in the United States alone.


If your knee is stiff, swollen, or painful, you’ll probably have trouble carrying out daily activities — including standing, walking and running — and you could be sidelined from your favorite activities.

ACL Tear

If you’ve torn or injured the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in your knee, your joint will likely be swollen and unstable and you will experience discomfort or pain in the knee.

Low Back (Lumbosacral Spine)

Lower back pain is the most commonly cited reason for missing work and affects about 80% of men and women in the United States.

Herniated Disc

A herniated or bulging vertebral disc in your spine can contribute to pain and limit your mobility.


When your shoulder hurts, you might not be able to move your arm or complete your daily tasks.

Head & Neck (Cervical Spine)

According to the National Institutes of Health, about one in three women and men in the United States experiences neck pain at least once a year.

Non-Interventional Services

We connect you with the resources you need to achieve your overall goals for a healthier and pain-free life.


Hip pain can be associated with a variety of conditions such as osteoarthritis, bursitis, or labral injury.

Wrist & Hand

Wrist or hand pain can come from a sprain or a fracture, or chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis.


Elbow pain can be associated with joint instability, tendinitis, or osteoarthritis.

Ankle & Foot

Sprains, strains, and fractures of the ankle or foot can cause long-term pain and mobility issues, and leave you susceptible to reinjury if not addressed properly.

Frozen Shoulder

This uncomfortable and painful condition that can occur after a shoulder injury and is often treated with surgery, but now this condition can be successfully treated with a simple, non-surgical therapy.

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