Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tears Treated with Percutaneous Injection of Autologous Bone
Marrow Nucleated Cells: A Case Series

This study used bone marrow concentrate (BMC) injections to treat grade 1 and 2 ACL tears and even grade 3 tears without retraction, and found that 7 out of 10 patients had about 86% improvement in pain, function, and activities of daily living after measuring objectives at 1, 3, 6, and 12 months. An MRI was also performed before and after BMC injections and revealed improved tissue integrity.

The Takeaway: The injection technique and orthobiologics used in this study are the same used at IOW to treat ACL tears. BMC, PRP, or prolotherapy can be used to address degeneration and laxity in the knee and other joints throughout the body. BMC and/or PRP ACL injections are commonly included in a comprehensive knee treatment by Dr. Silva, as it is one of the primary structures in the knee that acts as a joint stabilizer.

Centeno C, Et Al. Anterior cruciate ligament tears treated with percutaneous injection of autologous bone marrow nucleated cells: a case series. J Pain Res. 2015 Jul 31;8:437-47.

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