Vasolabs Is A Premier Provider Of Safe, Convenient Heart Disease Screenings.


  • Uses the newest ultrasound technology
  • Determines whether or not you have heart disease
  • Pain-free. Requires no wires, treadmills, or needles.
  • Takes only 15 minutes
  • Get your Easy-to-Understand Report within 24 hours
  • Optional Discussion with your Clinician


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Identify Your Risks of Getting Cardiovascular Disease With a Simple C-IMT Scan!

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Do I Need a Heart Screening?

Here is a checklist of factors that put you at elevated risk for heart attack, stroke, and other forms of cardiovascular disease:

  • Over 40 years of age
  • Family history of heart disease/stroke
  • Overweight
  • Increased cholesterol level
  • High-fat diet
  • Tobacco user
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetic
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Psoriasis


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Frequently Asked Question

What is a C-IMT scan?

A C-IMT Scan is a non-invasive procedure that uses ultrasound technology to measure the thickness of your carotid arteries’ walls. These arteries, located on each side of your neck, supply blood to your brain. Over time, plaque can build up in these arteries, causing them to thicken. This is often an early sign of atherosclerosis, a disease that can lead to serious conditions such as heart attacks and strokes.

Where do I go to get this scan?

Your quick, 15-minute C-IMT scan appointment will take place at Dr. Silva’s office at 1515 116th Ave NE, #202, Bellevue WA, 98004. Please note that this is not a walk in appointment and you must pre schedule. Schedule your appointment by clicking “Schedule” in our main navigation menu above.

Who takes my test?

Dr. Silva, or one of his highly trained staff members, will be handling your fast, no-pain test to determine the ‘age’ of your arteries. This test checks how thick your artery walls are – thicker walls can mean inflammation. It’s all simplified for you to understand easily. We also spot and show plaque, whether soft or hard, in your arteries. Your Vasometrics Report will be provided within a couple of days, which will include detailed pictures from the ultrasound for your records.

How long does the C-IMT Scan and Report take?

The duration of the C-IMT scan can vary depending on various factors, like the complexity of the patient’s condition. Typically, a Vasometric scan takes around 15 minutes to complete. The report is done and delivered within 24 hours to you.

Will my insurance cover this C-IMT Scan?

Most insurance providers don’t cover the cost of this scan. However, most hospitals are around $800 a scan, but we are only charging $199!

Hospitals often inflate prices due to the complex nature of their billing systems and agreements with insurance companies.

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