Head & Neck

According to the National Institutes of Health, about one in three women and men in the United States experiences neck pain at least once a year.

Head & Neck Pain Q & A

Why does my neck hurt?

Your neck (also known as your cervical spine) supports the entire weight of your head and is responsible for turning it from side to side, around, and up and down. Because your cervical spine is the thinnest portion of your spine, it’s susceptible to injury and trauma. Dysfunction, weakness, or injury of the upper cervical spine can cause head pain or chronic headaches in addition to neck pain. Jaw dysfunction (TMD) and craniocervical instability (CCI) can also contribute to facial pain, headaches, and neck pain.

When your head or neck hurts, the pain could be coming from any of the many parts that make up your neck and cervical spine, including:

  • Vertebral discs
  • Vertebrae
  • Muscles
  • Tendons
  • Ligaments
  • Nerves

Neck pain can also radiate from other areas of your body, such as tense or injured shoulder muscles. When you come to Interventional Orthopedics of Washington, Dr. Silva conducts a thorough physical exam, takes a complete medical history, and might perform other diagnostic tests to determine the source or sources of your neck pain.

What are the risk factors for head & neck pain?

Women are more likely to develop neck pain than are men. Other risk factors for acute (sudden) or chronic (ongoing) neck pain include:

  • Whiplash (back and forth movement during a car accident, blow to the head, or a collision)
  • Weak or tense shoulder or neck muscles
  • “Tech Neck” or other forms of slouching and poor posture
  • Herniated vertebral disc
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Spinal stenosis (neural passageways degenerate and compress nerves)
  • Unstable Spine
  • Nerve injuries

A tumor or infection can also cause neck pain in rare cases.

What are my options for treating head & neck pain?

Each case of neck pain is unique. After determining the cause or causes of your neck pain or stiffness, Dr. Silva devises a custom-designed treatment plan. He might first recommend lifestyle changes and supportive therapies such as:

  • Anti-inflammatory diet
  • Improving posture
  • Anti-inflammatory supplements
  • Consulting other specialists
  • Doing physical therapy to strengthen muscles

If you don’t respond to lifestyle adjustments or your pain or disability are severe, he can also recommend groundbreaking regenerative treatments such as:

  • Prolotherapy: injections that irritate injured tissues to stimulate healing
  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP): injectable serum with a high concentration of platelets, which contain growth-factors that repair tissues
  • Cellular Therapy: your own cells injected into damaged tissue and bone to stimulate a healing response and regrowth

Dr. Silva uses ultrasound and x-ray guidance when administering injectable therapies to ensure that the healing agents are delivered precisely to the area of injury.

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Head & Neck Conditions We Treat

Neck Pain (Cervicalgia)
Craniocervical Instability (CCI)
Chronic Headaches
Cervical Facet Syndrome
Cervical Facet Arthropathy
Cervical Radiculopathy
Cervical Hypermobility
Cervical Spine Instability
Cervical Strain
Cervical Spinal Stenosis
Whiplash Syndrome
Cervical Post Laminectomy Syndrome
Cervicothoracic Interspinous Bursitis
Brachial Plexopathy
Spasmodic Torticollis
Post Surgical Pain
TMJ Pain & Dysfunction
Facial Pain
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

Head & Neck Areas We Treat

Cervical Facets with Capsules
Cervical Ligaments: Supraspinous, Interspinous, Nuchal, Ligamentum Flavum
Muscles: Scalenes, Sternocleidomastoid, Trapezius, Levator Scapulae, Multifidus, And More

Treatment Types Offered

Image-Guided Prolotherapy
Image-Guided PRP injections
Image-Guided Facet Injections
Cervical Interlaminar Epidural
Stellate Ganglion Block
Superficial Cervical Plexus Block

*This is not a complete list. Please contact our office if you don’t see what you’re looking for.

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