Interventional pain, orthopedics, and sports medicine protocols and practices are commonly centered around therapies that treat symptoms, not the underlying cause of disease. Traditionally, pain is managed with the use of anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs), pain medications, repeat high-dose cortisone injections, nerve ablations, or invasive surgeries.

Our goal here at Interventional Orthopedics of Washington is different: to preserve the joints you have, improve their strength and function, reduce or completely eliminate pain, and improve your quality of life for the long run. We use evidence-based practices to support your body’s own natural healing abilities.

This means we want to help you to get off the anti-inflammatory medications, off the narcotic/opiate medicines, off the high-dose cortisone injections, and avoid invasive surgery.

We do this by examining all of the aspects contributing to your joint degeneration and redirecting our efforts towards preservation and regeneration.












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